Sierra Code Bhd: Your Trusted Partner for Construction Loading Platform

Why Choose Us?

#1 We are the exclusive dealer for preston SuperDeck

Sierra Code is the leading provider of Superdeck loading platform solutions. We offer a wide range of rental and purchase options to meet the needs of any construction project. We also provide a variety of support services, such as installation, training, and maintenance.

SuperDeck loading platforms are the ideal solution for multi-story building construction projects. They are designed to improve safety and efficiency, and to save you money on your main power costs.

SuperDeck platforms feature a retractable drawer-style design for easier loading of construction materials. This allows the skylift to quickly and safely deliver materials to each floor.

SuperDeck platforms are also designed with construction worker safety in mind. They feature a variety of safety features, such as guardrails and anti-slip surfaces.

If you are looking for a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to manage loading and unloading on your multi-story construction project, then SuperDeck loading platforms are the perfect solution for you.

superdecks platforms set up as loading platforms for high rise building construction with sky and road in background

#2 We are the exclusive dealer for preston superAccess

super access stacked horizontally to form a safety bridge

Transform your construction sites with SuperAccess – the premier modular staircase access solution from Sierra Code Sdn Bhd, exclusive dealers for Preston SuperAccess in Malaysia.

Our top-priority design ensures easy and safe installation, providing a secure pathway through various building levels. The modular system allows for quick setup without modifications, making it versatile for any construction environment.

Elevate your construction experience with our sales, rental, and installation services, prioritizing safety and hassle-free solutions.

#3 We are the exclusive dealer for Denyo Generators

Power your operations with Sierra Code—the exclusive dealer for Denyo generators in Malaysia. Experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability with cutting-edge solutions, promising seamless functionality, immediate savings, and increased revenue from the start.

Denyo generators boast superior patented alternator technology and undergo a unique integrated production process, ensuring uninterrupted performance and reliability.

Since 1948, Denyo has been a pioneer, evolving from engine-driven welders to sound-proof generators. With over 500 versatile models, ranging from 0.9kVA to 1,100kVA, Denyo’s generators are suitable for various applications.

Denyo’s generators play a crucial role in diverse settings, offering high-performance power generation, durability, energy conservation, and noise reduction.

Denyo’s DCA Series generators operate quietly, even at full load, addressing noise pollution concerns. They also feature automatic air extraction for trouble-free starts and easy maintenance.

Denyo Generator 45ES set up next to a wall

We also offer other solutions with products such as skid steer loader, SuperBarrier and SuperAccess. Find out more at our product page.

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