superdecks platforms set up as loading platforms for high rise building construction

SuperDeck Retractable Loading Platform System

SuperDeck is a modular loading platform designed to make construction material loading between multi-story buildings easier, safer, and more efficient. It features a retractable design for easy operation and prioritizes safety.

Preston SuperDeck is well-known in the industry for its easy installation and convenience. Sierra Code Sdn Bhd offers a variety of SuperDeck products to meet the requirements of any construction site. Contact us today for a free consultation with our team of experts.

The Superdeck® is a retractable loading platform system ideally positioned vertically, one above the other, for fast delivery of building materials directly to the designated floor of a multi-level building. The average 5 story building requires 3-4 Superdecks® while larger, 50 story buildings may need up to 30 Superdecks®.

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